Louise Dobson

Writing Workshop Facilitator

Louise loves to be beside the seaside. She also has a passion for building writing communities where learners enjoy the support of a group and the expertise and experience of a professional tutor. Her friendly, approachable manner, and infectious love of writing ensure her classes are stimulating, constructive and enjoyable for all.

As a freelance journalist Louise has been published in major newspapers, including The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post, and has been a frequent contributor to Psychology Today (see clips below).

Louise is also a certified English Teacher with 7 years of full-time teaching experience. She holds an MA in Education, and an MSc in Journalism.


“Louise possesses a rare combination of keen intelligence, creativity, and tremendous interpersonal sensitivity.” Elise D.

"It was the first time for me to join an online course and I was not sure if it was going to work but once I started I felt relaxed and confident, especially interacting with others was great ."  Heba M.


"Fast moving, fun, informative." Rob P.


"I really enjoyed this and loved the insight it gave me." Sheelagh S.


"It was fun, interesting and I enjoyed the writing time. The tasks had a clear focus which made it easy for me to get writing - something that I struggle with sometimes." Kirsten H.


"Louise works so hard to find interesting and relevant texts that are so interesting and expand our knowledge of authors as well." Jayne C.


"Very well set up and delivered via zoom!" Deena M.


"It was particularly interesting learning how to “dissect” a poem paying particular attention to the various devices used. The poetry examples were inspiring as they introduced me to a couple of US poets that I hadn’t heard of." Leslie B.


"I have come on so much! And hoping to join another of Louise’s courses." Melanie Y.


"Good balance of - student-led discussion, presentation of ideas, practical work - which gave a good amount of time to reflect and put into practice what we have learnt so far." Polly S.


"Enjoyable and relevant. Liked the different examples of websites and appreciate being encouraged to see things with a more critical eye and awareness. Definitely have found the content of the session helpful."  Laura H.


"I looked forward to receiving the reading material each week. Good way to discover writers and works I hadn’t known about." Sarah B.


"Brought back fond memories of English literature at school. My old knowledge is coming back to me. Really enjoyed the class, especially dissecting the poetry. Really to have more than one voice reading." Lauren G.


"Surprisingly enjoyable as I wasn’t expecting to like this session! Also I had the courage to speak up (overcoming my traditional shyness)." Joanne C.


"A very engaging session, I came to it reluctant to write memoir but was pleasantly surprised to find that I could come up with things and even link them in a “throughline”, an idea that was new to me. Also the memoirs were not gloomy ones, but often quite humorous!" Liz T.


"Finding the course and sessions to be fantastic. Enjoy the variety of what we do in each class."  Andy W.


Feeling very inspired and a lot more confident in my writing. Dan M.


"It was poetry this week: Something I am not too familiar with. I felt comfortable with the teaching style and being encouraged to participate. Really enjoyed this." Jacky D.


"Great class. Really enjoyed it. Thank you for creating such a great environment for learning." Luke C.


"Memoir—great session, helpful techniques that enabled me to gain a better understanding of how to enrich memoir writing and build memoir. Will use them in the future." Laura H.


"A kickstart. I love poetry! I can appreciate but have a long way to go in creating it. Louise goes a long way in dispelling fear!" Nichola D.


"I am inspired and impressed by the wealth of tips, prompts and activities." Nichola D.


"FUN! Usually I find poetry annoying." Melanie Y.


"Important course to build confidence and write with a structure clearly taught."    Boris B.


"Receiving the slides each week is really helpful. I find everything so interesting and helpful and I don’t want to miss or forget anything." Katrina H.

“She (Louise) has earned the respect of her journalism students who know she will go out of her way to help them reach their full potential.” Matt P.

“Her (Louise’s) creative, calm, clear manner has helped writers who had previously struggled with their writing show remarkable growth in ability and confidence.” Frances B.